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What are people saying about your business?

What people are saying about your business on the internet really matters – 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews!

If someone is looking for a local restaurant or hotel, you can bet they’re checking its TripAdvisor ratings first. If people are booking anything from a haircut, to a doctor, to a mechanic, those Google reviews can make all the difference between whether they come to you or not.

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How Reputation Builder can help:

When a customer searches for your business on Google, reviews from all the main directories and review sites such as Yell, TripAdvisor and Facebook will all be on show. That’s why it’s really, really, REALLY important to keep on top of all these reviews and make the most of all the feedback you get.

Our Reputation Builder pulls all your reviews together in one place, making it easy to see when you get a review and respond if you want to.

We know you’re busy and responding to every review can take too much time, so this way you can manage your online reputation efficiently and effectively.

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“A massive thank you for all your help and producing such a great and fantastic virtual tour for me, I am extremely happy! It has been an absolute pleasure working with Local Insights. I can (and do) highly recommend their excellent and professional service. I look forward to working with you again”

Ashleigh O’Connell, Herts Wellness Centre

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