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    Let’s take your social to the next level?

    Need help running your social media? Look no further! We love working with businesses to help them build a bigger following, drive engagement and generate more enquiries. You’ll love it!

    Social media management is about having a two-way conversation with as many relevant customers as possible… and we’re experts at it. Whether you’re looking to increase those followers or create more engagement, our social media superstars have got your back!

    Our proven formula supercharges your social strategy from three angles; creative content, proactive follower growth and expertly managed paid advertising. So, whether you’re a social expert but just don’t have enough time, or you’re in need of additional assistance, experience and expertise, drop us an email or book a call with one of our experts to get the ball rolling.

    Why is social media important?

    • With more than half of the world’s population using social media, it’s the perfect platform to boost your brand awareness and have direct connections and relationships with your target audience.
    • A fresh and active social profile not only keeps your audience engaged, but it also ensures you’re always ‘front of mind’ when people want or need what you offer.
    • Social media posts and advertising is a super-effective way to grow your business. Depending on your objective you can drive traffic to your website, generate warm leads, initiate engaging conversations, all with a view to boosting your sales.
    • Well maintained and responsive profiles enhance your reputation, build your credibility and demonstrate above-average customer service, all enhancing the possibility that potential customers will choose you, not your competition.
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    Did you know?

    30% of users say they’ve bought a product they discovered on Instagram!

    The ingredients for our social media recipe of success…

    • Strategy.

      For social media to work for your business, we’ll need to clearly understand your objectives, audience, budget and the platforms you want to focus on. It can sound daunting, but we’ll work with you to map out an easy-to-understand social media strategy designed to get you results.

    • Content.

      We carefully curate crafty content tailored for your business. We’ll make it engaging, informative and entertaining. Everything will tie into the content themes that we’ve agreed in the strategy. To build and grow an engaged community, it’s more than just posting content. We will spark engagement by sharing click-worthy, thumb-stopping content while also interacting with your communities and ensuring they’re always responded too. 

    • Follower Growth.

      Growing your community is a top priority. We tactically follow, comment and like posts from those who we regard as your target audience. This encourages them to follow back! It’s a key strategy that will enhance your visibility, extend your reach and amplifies the impact of your content.

    • Targeted Advertising.

      Advertising on social media can be a great way for a business to generate new business from people who don’t know you yet. When done right, social ads can increase brand awareness and drive new enquiries. For many brands, it’s the perfect platform to reach your target audience – while monitoring your return on investment.

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    “Local Insights were amazing in all aspects. They helped drive our business forward tremendously. Natasha our social media account manager, really understood our product and was personally invested and passionate about it. Super grateful for the whole team and highly recommend! Very professional and really friendly too. Thanks so much, guys!!”

    Marisa Kamall, Owner of Compass Cooks

    Social media you’ll love… and that works!

    Let us create thumb-stopping social content for your business.

    To find out how it works and what it costs, book a chat with one of our experts, we can’t wait to hear from you!